Integrated Manual Therapy program

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Manual Concepts was established in 1993 in Australia to develop and provide excellent and highly evidence-based manual therapy education to the worldwide physiotherapist community under Dr Kim Robinson Dr Toby Hall

The programme’s primary aim is to integrate joint and muscle tissue-based manual therapy concepts to provide a more functional and comprehensive approach to managing a range of musculoskeletal conditions affecting the spinal and peripheral joints.

*Skills and techniques*
Evidence based practice is a strong theme of the course. Participants are guided through a logical approach underscored by a process of sound clinical reasoning in the evaluation of the patients presenting condition. Participants are taught skills and techniques that enhance efficient and effective physical examination of a wide range of clinical presentations.

*Articular disorders*
As part of the assessment of the joint system we aim to teach a range of testing procedures. Relevant to articular function and movement. Identification of joint hypo/hypermobility is one aspect in identifying patients likely to respond to manual mobilization. Joints with impaired movement can be safely treated with a range of mobilization techniques including mobilization with movement.

*Muscle dysfunction and motor control*
An emphasis of this programme is a functional approach to the assessment of the muscle control system and muscle impairments. It is important to
recognize that not all patients require motor control or postural control training. There is ample evidence to suggest that only a small proportion
of patient have instability or that motor control impairment is a significant issue requiring training. Determining which patients need a muscle
retaining approach is an important part of this programme. A systematic graded, functional approach to the management of patients with
muscle dysfunction and motor control impairment will be taught.

With our international tutor: Dr.Vaidas Stalioraitis
Physiotherapist, MSc (Curtin University), Master of Clinical Manipulative Physiotherapy (Curtin University), Certified Mulligan Concept Teacher, Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association Associate, Faculty staff member Manual Concepts, Australia.


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